Christmas is magic!

What are you doing to put the magic into Christmas this year?

What’s more in keeping with the magic of the season than booking a fantastic magic show for the children?

Many organisations arrange an end of year celebration for their children:

Schools, pre-schools and nurseries

Businesses and corporate organisations

Villages and towns

Pubs and hotels

Sports and social clubs

Christmas is a special time, so you’ll want special entertainment.

Magic Peter creates a new show every year to celebrate the magic of Christmas, with tricks involving Santa and his reindeer, elves, chimneys, snowmen, Christmas trees, presents, and so on.

The show is tailored to your audience.  For pre-schools and younger children, the show lasts 45 minutes. For primary school and older children, it lasts 60 minutes.

But for all ages, it’s an engaging and exciting show full of magic and fun, where the children perform the magic and put the sparkle into Christmas.

Magic Peter’s Christmas Party is priced at £175 (45-minutes) and £195 (60 minutes) and is always very popular – often booked as much as a year in advance – so please book early.