Magic Peter’s Magic Club

Welcome to Magic Peter’ online magic club, the place where young people interested in magic can learn new tricks and get advice and information about how to learn even more.

Some of the tricks listed below require special props, but I have chosen tricks that are relatively easy to perform and equally cheap to buy.  You can pick up most of these props for very little money at the aptly named Discount Magic:

Tell Neil, the owner, that ‘Magic’ Peter Kidd sent you.

So, here are some new tricks you can learn and then perform for your friends and family.  Practise them until you are confident you can  perform them well, and then keep the secrets to yourself.  Tricks will  only look like magic if you don’t tell how you do them.

The Appearing Handkerchief

Bending Metal

The Cups and Balls

Drink in the News

Flying Coins

The Magic Capsule

The Professor’s Nightmare

The Svengali Deck

Vanishing 1,000 Objects

Vanishing Lollipops