One-Hour Magic Birthday Party

This package will suit those who are happy to provide some of the entertainment themselves, thereby reducing the cost.

A week before the birthday party, you’ll receive FREE name badges for each of the guests so that all the adults at the party can easily identify them and get their attention when needed.

Name Badges

On the day, the entertainment starts with a few party games while any late arrivals join the fun, followed by a forty-five minute magic show full of laughter and audience participation that is personalised to your audience. Your birthday boy or girl will be the star of the show, so as well as joining in with all the fun with their friends, he or she can help make their own card or present by magic!

While the kids enjoy whatever refreshments you have organised, Magic Peter quietly packs away his show and then says goodbye to the children, leaving you all to enjoy the remainder of your family celebration.

One-hour magic shows are priced at £165 and are usually available for parties starting at 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon, and from 4 pm onwards. If you have a date in mind, reserve it now before someone else does.  Details can be worked out once your party is in Magic Peter’s diary.