Peter’s Birthday Parties

Every Magic Peter party is designed specifically to your individual requirements based on the number and ages of your guests, as well as on the venue – obviously a village hall provides more room for running around than the average living room.

There are various options, and Peter will tailor your party to your needs and your child’s particular interests.

The All-Inclusive Two-Hour Party
The Stress-Free Two-Hour Party
The One-Hour Magic Party
Other Options

Whichever party you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re dealing with a professional.  You’ll receive written confirmation of all the details when you make your booking, receipts for all your payments, and a reassuring message a week before the event to set your mind at rest that it’ll be all right on the day, as well as a thank you message afterwards.

When should you contact Magic Peter? As soon as you start considering your event, really. Don’t try finalising all the details before contacting your preferred performer, as by then he or she may well be fully booked. So take a look at the party options, and act now and make your party a Magic Peter party!

Two-hour packages are usually only available for parties that start at 10 am, 11 am or from 3 pm onwards.  One-hour packages are usually available for parties starting at 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon, or from 4 pm onwards. These timings are purely to allow Magic Peter to get from one event to the next without letting anyone down by being late arriving for their party. You’ll find the majority of professional entertainers use the same time slots for taking bookings.  If you’ve already booked a venue, don’t despair; it’s almost certain you’ll be able to move your venue booking forwards or backwards an hour in order to book Magic Peter.