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Well, after one or two hiccups over the weekend that took Magic Peter off the World Wide Web for a couple of days, he’s back … and with a brand new web site. ¬†(But you know that – you’re reading this on the new web site.)

So what’s new? Well, it’s written to be responsive on any platform.

“In English?”


It means it will resize itself to fit your computer, tablet or smartphone (see photo).

Which means you can read and see all of the website, whether you’re using a laptop (as I most often do), a tablet (as my wife does) or a phone (as many people do in this up-to-the-minute, on-the-move, I-need-it-now world we live in).

Making it this flexible does means it has to be slightly simpler, but as I get to grips with the new software it’s written in, I hope to make it slightly more adventurous. ¬†Watch this space.