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I love my job.

It would be very easy to turn up, do the show, take the money, go home.

But that’s not how I do things. I like to get to know my hosts.  True, I have bills to pay and this is how I make my living, so the money is important.  But the reason I enjoy my job is that I meet such wonderful people.  Like George: a quiet boy, and such a lovely young man.  He was a real pleasure to be with today, and comments like this from George’s parents are what really make my job so fulfilling:

“Thanks so much for all your hard work. You do a great job! George and all of his friends had a wonderful time. He’s usually such a shy boy so it was lovely to see him letting himself go when he was up with you.”

If it was just about paying the bills, I would indeed just turn up, do the show, take the money, go home. But I cared about George.  A birthday is a big day in the life of a child.  With all his friends there, he wants his party to be a GREAT party.  So do his parents.

So do I.

I care about all the Georges, and the Miahs and Zaks and Scarlets and Angels and Paightons (to name just my most recent parties).  I want their parties to be their best days of the year. And, frankly, if they’re having fun, I’m having fun.

I’m really privileged to have such a great job.

Thank you, George (and Miah and Zak and Scarlet and Angel and Paighton) and everyone else for inviting me to your parties.  I had a great time.