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It;s been a while since I blogged.  So hi, how are you?  I hope you had a great Christmas.  Magic Peter had his busiest Christmas ever, and it was great to see so many happy smiling children  in the run-up to the big day.

So how’s 2019 treating you?  For me, the new year seems to have started as the previous year finished, with a very full diary and lots of happy children.  And now, here we are at half-term in February, and next week sees my fourth year performing at Millets Farm Centre at Frilford.  I always enjoy performing at Millets, and just as in the past three years, I have a brand new act for this year’s shows, with brand new tricks and routines.

I’m also launching a new and improved Magic Wand Kit at Millets this year.

Just like my previous wand kits, the new version contains a genuine magic wand charged with woofle dust. Inside, as well as tricks you can perform with the wand itself, you’ll now find two new tricks to learn at home and amaze your friends and family with.

And on the back cover there’s now a colouring competition.  Colour your own picture of Magic Peter and email it in to be entered in a new monthly competition.  Each month one entry will be chosen at random, and that lucky person will receive a FANTASTIC magic set of their own to start them on the road to creating their own magic act.

With the arrival of the new Magic Wand Kit, I’ve taken to opportunity to update my party bags, too.  Now they include a wand kit, an activity sheet and a stacking colouring pencil to use with it, an emoji balloon, a bag of Haribo sweets, a box of chocolate Smarties, and some of the ‘magic’ touchable bubbles that I use at the start of every party.  That’s seven items in each party bag for just £2.50.

My party bags are included in my All-inclusive Party Package, but you can have them as an additional extra to any booking you make, saving you the effort and expense of putting together your own party bags.  But the real advantage is that you  don’t have any waste – you only pay for what you need.

As always, with the start of each new year, I look back at what I’ve been doing and do what I can to make it even better, so I hope you like the new wand kits and party bags, and I hope you have your tickets to come along and see my new act at Millets Farm next week.

And perhaps I’ll see you at your own party sometime in 2019.  More new soon.