Today, I watched as the prime minister advised the country to avoid all unnecessary social contact. While he was still talking, I wrote to all my customers who have a booking with me advising them that I would wholeheartedly support them if they decided to postpone their booking with me until the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is over. It’s common sense, really, isn’t it?

But Magic Peter, Oxfordshire’s Magical Children’s Entertainer, is still open for business. In fact, I honestly believe that this summer will be the busiest I have ever had.



Because people will still want to celebrate. In fact, they’ll have EVEN MORE REASON to celebrate!

But with all the parties booked for this spring that will have postponed their celebrations until the summer, entertainers’ availability will be at a premium. And, to add to the booking congestion, summer is the time when we are out performing at school fetes, village fetes, and other events that rely on the great British summer.

So if you’re planning a celebration in June, July or August, NOW is the time to book your entertainment.

Not in April or May.


Because if you don’t, my guess is you won’t be able to have any entertainment. My fellow entertainers are going to be working flat out once Coronavius has passed.

So get in contact now and reserve the date for your celebration. We can work out the details later.