I attended a marketing webinar this afternoon, and the guy leading the webinar asked:

“What is your story? Have you told your story?”

And I realised I had. But it was nearly a year ago.  So for those who missed it last year, here is the story of why I chose to entertain children.

Before the webinar, I’d watched the prime minister announce that, from 1 August, indoor performances for up to 30 people will be permissible in a Covid-secure setting. Yay!  I’m back.  I think.  (I hope.)

I think it’s good news, but as always the devil is in the detail, so please bear with me as I dig into it. His announcement did come with at least one caveat: 

“… after successful pilots …”

That sounds to me that, again, he is talking about theatre shows rather than parties per seHowever, I was at a meeting with Equity yesterday, and they have gone away to ask the government for clarification of when a social gathering becomes an event/theatrical performance.

My main concern will always be to keep my audiences safe, so I will abide by whatever rules the government and their scientific advisers put in place.

So watch your email and Facebook pages, because as soon as I know I’m back, I’ll tell you: I’M BACK!!  (I’m pretty sure I am, and you can reserve your date now before someone else reserves it for their party. I won’t ask you for a deposit, and if you need to change the date, you can.)