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Twelve months ago today I was heading off to preform my last show of the Christmas 2019 season.  December 2019 had been my busiest and most successful month and 2019 my most successful year ever.  I was looking forward to putting my feet up and planning an even busier 2020.

How little we knew, 12 months ago.

Twelve months later, and I look back on a year that, as an entertainer, to all intents and purposes ended on 15 March. Since then, I’ve performed just seven shows.  The rest were wiped out by Covid. It’s been an incredible year, and I’ve written elsewhere why I feel my shows are not suitable for an online audience.

But I’m not complaining. As a family, we have been luckier than most.  I got to spend all spring and summer with my daughter while the schools were closed, and I now have a renewed sense of gratitude for all that teachers do to educate our kids.  Much as I loved being with my daughter, I couldn’t wait to hand her education back to the professionals when the schools opened again in September!

We have been lucky.  None of our immediate family has caught the virus. I have friends and colleagues who did and I know just how devastating it can be to even the fittest amongst us.  Fortunately they all pulled through, but I consider us incredibly fortunate not to have suffered as they did.

And, when I looked for alternative employment and income to replace what I had lost through the pandemic, I was very fortunate to land a job as a customer delivery driver for Waitrose.

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And today I received the most amazing gift from the PTA I’ve worked with for the past six years.  It’s rare I’m left speechless, but to find my friends on my doorstep singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” – complete with special words for Magic Peter – was an amazing end to an incredible year. I feel incredibly blessed.

I hope you’ve been as lucky as me.  I hope you have stayed safe and healthy.  I hope you are surrounded by wonderful supportive friends and family during this most extraordinary of Christmas seasons.

As the vaccines roll out, watch out for Magic Peter in 2021.  I cannot wait to get back to performing.  Have a very Merry Christmas, and let’s hope we all have a happy, healthy and successful New Year. 

Very best seasonal wishes to you all.