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Monday 19 July 2021: ‘Freedom Day’.

The day the government has stated that it will not longer be a legal requirement to  wear a mask in public places; that there will be no limits on the number of people who can congregate; that pubs, bars, theatres and nightclubs can open without restrictions.  

But what will it mean for your child’s party?

And how will it affect Magic Peter’s shows?

The prime minster has told us that he is confident the British public will use their common sense to do what is right.  But that we must make our own decisions on what the change in restrictions means for us and those around us.

Let me tell you what it means for me – and for you when you book Magic Peter.

As you may have seen from my previous blog posts, I have always taken the Covid virus seriously.  And I will continue to do so.  I take regular lateral flow tests to ensure that when I arrive to perform for you I’m as sure as I can be that I am not bringing Covid into your event.  And I shall continue to wear a mask in public places and spaces as a courtesy to those around me, who may not have had the vaccine, may not be able to have it, or who may be particularly susceptible to infection.  Without wishing to get political, it’s not clear to me why the government couldn’t mandate this, rather than relying on the public’s common sense and decency.  (And, sadly, following the Euro 2020 football tournament, it’s clear that not all our fellow citizens have a full dose of decency and common sense. [End of political rant.])

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Your Party

It’s your party, you set the rules.  But I can give you three suggestions.

The first is a Covid-safe garden party – I have performed many of these over the past months (see photo from a show last week), and they give you the greatest level of safety.  I will arrive wearing a mask and will keep my mask on until all the guests are seated.  I will only remove my mask for the show but will remain at least two metres from the audience throughout the show.


Children won’t be invited up to help with the magic – to maintain a safe social distance – but they will perform the magic from their seats in the audience.  They’ll be fully involved in the show and will go away with their own magic wands to carry on performing magic after the party.

If you’re comfortable holding the party indoors, I can give your guests the same experience indoors – and now the government has told us that there is no limit on the size of the party, you can invite as many guests as you want.  I will still remain two metres from the audience to ensure their safety.

The third option is that we hold a party as we used to: indoors or outdoors, with as many guests as you want. Children – especially your child – can come up on stage and do the magic with me, and I can run the games part of the party, too, mingling with the guests – with or without a mask: your choice.  I would still recommend that doors and windows are open to maintain good ventilation, but at the end of the day it’s your party.  I will work to your rules.

But bear in mind the concerns of those you invite.  It won’t be much of a party if three-quarters of the guests don’t turn up owing to Covid concerns, no matter who hard I work and no matter how good the show is.

And it is good.

Happy to Talk

So if your son or daughter has a birthday coming up, I’ll be happy to chat and work with you to create the party YOU want.  As I said, I take Covid seriously, and my main concern will always be the health and safety of others.  Frankly, as someone who is double-jabbed, takes regular Covid tests and who wears a mask in public places, I feel pretty safe.  But that doesn’t mean your guess will be as comfortable.

But it’s your party and you set the rules.  Drop me a line or give me a call – together, we can put on a great party for your son or daughter.