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Beyond The School of Magic

I hope you enjoyed your time at Magic Peter’s School of Magic.  If you did, I’ve listed here some more resources you can use to find more magic you can learn and perform to entertain your friends and family. 


The cheapest (and in my opinion, the best) way to find new magic to learn and perform is through books.  There are thousands and thousands of books written about magic, and in each one there are dozens and dozens (and DOZENS!) of magic tricks explained.  Here are three of the very best if you’re setting out on your magical adventure.  I’ve listed the links to purchase them on Amazon (and of course there are other places you can buy them, including from your local independent bookshops), but the CHEAPEST way to get these books is from your local library, where they are absolutely FREE!!

Complete Course in Magic by Mark Wilson

This is a huge book filled with every kind of magic you can imagine, from the smallest card and coin tricks to the largest stage ullusions.  In between he teaches the techniques and sleight of hand you’ll need to perform the tricks, as well as the theory of planning your act, stagecraft, misdirection and other skills as you follow your magical dreams.

The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue

If card tricks are your thing, then you MUST read this book.  Every  professional magician worth mentioning has this book on his or her bookshelf.  It has everything to you need to know, from how to hold the cards, cutting the cards, shuffling the cards, then the sleight of hand that brings about the magic, and finally dozens and dozens (and DOZENS!) of card tricks of every possible variety. 

There is enough material in this book alone to create and build an entire craeer as a magician. And many professional magicians have done exactly that.

Modern Coin Magic by J. J. Bobo

What the ‘Royal Road’ is to card magic, Modern Coin Magic is to coins.  It is THE classic book on how to use coins to entertain with magic.  Any coins. Coins you already have in your pocket or piggy bank.  Some tricks use props, but nothing special, just things you already have at home like handkerchiefs or drinking glasses. 

Again, there is enough material in this book to make a lifetime career in magic.  And even if you just perform tricks for friends, coin tricks are some of the best because EVERYONE has some coins you can borrow.  And magic with borrowed objects is always more amazing the tricks with your own props.

If you read JUST THESE THREE BOOKS, you would have more than enough material to last a lifetime.  And you’d come back to these books again and again, as I do.  

But here are some more books that you may not be able to find in every library but which most magic shops will sell.  They’re not cheap, but if you’re REALLY interested in magic, they are worth saving up for.

Magic Shops

Speaking of magic shops … some towns and cities are lucky enough to have a magic shop, but sadly I don’t know of any in Oxfordshire, so we are limited to shopping online. 

Below I have listed three online magic shops that stock everything you’ll need to enjoy your magic hobby or magic career to the max!  Everything from playing cards to special coins, to magic props, to the books I mentioned above, to teaching DVDs, silk handkerchiefs, magicians’ rope, magic boxes, tubes, sponge balls, cups and balls, cups without balls.  EVERYTHING!! 

But please ask your parents before spending your money in these stores – it is VERY easy to buy things that are just not suited to you or your ability.  If you want my advice about something you’re thinking of buying, just ask and I’ll be happy to help. 

And yes, I have wasted a TON of money on magic things I’ve never used – just ask my wife!!

Discount Magic

A UK-based magic shop that is IDEAL for the beginner because, as well as selling everything the other dealers mentioned here sell, they also have sections of ‘£1 Magic’ and ‘£2 Magic’, tricks you can buy for pocket-money prices.  And, of course they sell more expensive tricks, props, books and DVDs too. 

Tell Neil, the owner, that Magic Peter sent you.

Merlins of Wakefield

Of the dealers listed here, only Merlins has a physical shop you can visit, and if you’re ever in Wakefield I’d recommend it.  They are such a friendly bunch and will be more than happy to show you (and sell you) some magic.  I’ve put Merlins in between the other two sttores because this is where they sit in terms of their size and their price range, and they have a ‘Beginners Section’ too.

Vanishing Inc.

Vanishing Inc was set up by two of the very best close-up magicians in the world: Andi Gladwin from the UK and Joshua Jay from the USA.  They stock absolutely EVERYTHING.  Thousands of items . You could spend hours every day just watching (and being entertained by) the video trailers of the tricks they sell.  But be warned – most of what they sell is way beyond pocket money prices.

So there you go – loads of additional places you can learn some GREAT magic.  And, like I say, if you’d like some advice, just drop me an email or call me on 07708 251312 and I’ll be very happy to help.

Enjoy your magic, and I hope I see you at one of MY shows very soon. 

Good luck!