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Book Test No. 34

When is a book test not a book test? When it’s a card trick.  

This is a method of forcing a number, and that is often used to predict a particular word on a particular page in a book. But I’ve recently shown you a book test, so for today’s video I decided to use playing cards.  A grid of numbers from 1 to 16 is shown, and four are chosen, the other twelve crossed out. When the four chosen numbers are added together, they make 34. And the 34th card in a red-backed deck of cards s the only one with a blue back.

Another trick with arithmetic, but the maths is pretty easy for this one. (And since you know what the answer is, you can bluff your way through the sum if you need to.)  You can download the grid and print it off here.

You can also view this trick on YouTube at https://youtu.be/hV4FMBQFuWM

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