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Learn Balloon Modelling with Magic Peter

If you’ve ever wanted to make balloon models, now you can!  

‘Balloon Modelling with Magic Peter’ is an introductory pack with all you and your family need to get started at home:

  • A video explaining the basic balloon twisting techniques;
  • Videos teaching 10 different models you and your children can make;
  • A balloon pump;
  • Professional-grade modelling balloons to get you started.

The pack includes a two-way pump and 25 professional-grade modelling balloons, and costs £7.50 (plus £2.00 postage).

Refill Pack of 50 professional-grade modelling balloons – £4.00 (plus £1.50 postage).

Email your order and you’ll receive details of how to pay. And then you can begin your journey as a balloon modeller.  Enjoy!