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Learn Balloon Modelling 


Magic Peter

Thank you for purchasing my balloon modelling kit. 

Below you’ll find an introductory video teaching you the basic skills you need to make these models, and then 10 more videos teaching you balloon models from the easiest (and one of the most popular), the one-balloon sword, through to a hat and snake which both require two balloons.

Basic Skills

Here, I demonstrate and explain the basic balloon twists you’ll use to make the 10 designs in the series.


What child doesn’t enjoy a good sword fight? And this is the easiest design in the series – one twist and it’s done. En garde!


Be honest, we’ve all tried to make a balloon dog before. Here’s how.

The balloons supplied in this kit are made from latex, a natural, biodegradable material. It’s collected from rubber trees that are farmed on rubber plantations. When the trees are cut down, the wood can be turned into furniture, too.  But just because these balloons are biodegradable doesn’t mean you can toss them away as litter.  Paper is biodegradable too, but you shouldn’t toss that on the ground, either.


Another relatively easy design. This one looks best using a white balloon.


This is one of my personal favourites from this series.

Laser Gun

When you’re tired of sword fights, why not jet into space with a laser gun?

When you’ve finished with your balloons, you must dispose of them safely. They are biodegradable, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them anywhere.

Pin it and bin it.

Let the air out of the balloon, then put all the pieces in your recycling bin – even the small pieces, as they can be a hazard to animals or young children.


This giraffe is not just a dog with a long neck – although if you shorten the neck, it could be a dog. Confused? I am.

Ladybird Bracelet

Use a green balloon instead of red and you’ll have a turtle.


The smallest model on the series – and definitely the cutest.

Once you have made your balloon models, look after them.  Although you can be quite rough when twisting them to make balloon models, they are easily burst.  

Keep them away from sharp objects.  Hot places like cars or glass or metal that have been in the sun for a long time can be very hot and can burst your prized balloon models, too.  And keep them off the grass – although it feels soft underfoot, grass is quite sharp and can easily burst a balloon.

Simple Hat

A simple two-balloon hat – perhaps made with your favourite football team’s colours?


Another two-balloon model, and this is another of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy making these models, and if you need any more balloons just let me know and I’ll send you details of my balloon refill packs.  Happy twisting!