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Magic Peter’s Magic Club

Welcome to Magic Peter’s online magic club, the place where young people interested in magic can learn new tricks and get advice and information about how to learn even more.

Some of the tricks listed below require special props, but I have chosen tricks that you’ll be able to buy at pocket-money prices.  In fact, you can buy most of them from me at a discounted price, and I’ve written special instruction sheets to go with them that are much easier to read and much easier to understand than the instructions that come with the props.  If you’d ike to buy any of these tricks, just drop me an email.

The Mystery of the Cups and Balls

The magician (that’s you!) shows thre cups and three balls.  One by one, each of the balls penetrates through the solid bottoms of the cups, finishing with all three balls under one cup.

Flying Coins

The magician shows the spectators two empty plastic cups and a 10p coin.  The coin is placed in one of the cups and, after a magical gesture, the cup is tipped over to show the cup is empty and the coin has vanished.  The magician picks up the other cup and tips out the coin – it’s magically travelled from one cup to the other

The Svengali Deck

The public often thinks that magicians who perform card tricks use trick cards. This is rarely true, but when you’re starting out in magic, using a trick deck can give you some powerful tricks you can perform with just a little skill and a lot less practice than you’d need to perform the same tricks with a normal deck of cards.  The Svengali Deck is one of the most powerful trick packs ever invented.