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A No-Risk Evening of Magic and Fun Guaranteed to Raise Funds

People are generous by nature, but how do you get people to part with their hard-earned cash? Some events can be a lot of effort for very little return.

Since the summer of 2019, Magic Peter has been staging two-hour fundraising shows for schools, charities and other organisations, shows that are GUARANTEED to raise money.

There is no risk because there is no deposit to pay, and the show is guaranteed to make money because Magic Peter’s charge is just £250 … or half the ticket sales whichever is THE LOWER FIGURE.

Case Study 1

GEMS Primary Academy, Didcot

Approximately 330 pupils

Sum raised: £788

Fundraising Success

I have received numerous comments about how much people enjoyed the show and asking when the next one will be! I would highly recommend Magic Peter.

Melanie Quinn

GEMS Academy Didcot PTA

The Show

The two-act show is designed to appeal to five-year-olds, to ten-year-olds, to parents and grandparents.  This means you can attract three generations of local families, and more people means more funds raised.

Friday nights can be most profitable. Friday is not a school night, so parents are more inclined to allow their children a later bedtime, and parents may be able to finish work earlier on a Friday.

As well as magic, the show includes a couple of game-show-type games (see the video) involving children and their parents, adding variety to the entertainment.

The Materials

As well as the magical entertainment, you will receive the following items.

FREE magic wands – 72 for you to sell to the children

FREE raffle prize – an amazing Marvin’s Magic Set to be raffled during the interval

FREE printed posters for advertising the event in the local area

FREE digital posters for advertising the event on the school’s website, in the school’s newsletter and on appropriate Facebook pages

FREE digital tickets for you to print and sell

Case Study 2

Chapman Robinson and Moore

Accountants in Oxford

Sum raised for thieir chosen charity, Tiny Tickers: £1,500

The show was a massive success and the 60+ kids loved it. He kept them fully engaged and the feedback we received was all positive.

Jessica Mason

Chapman, Robinson and Moore, Oxford

The more effort your you put in, the more profit you will make. It’s not difficult, but you’ll need to advertise the event; sell tickets;  put out the chairs; and sell raffle tickets, magic wands and refreshments on the night.

You’ll need to decide the price you want to charge for the event.

Tickets at £4 will definitely sell – in fact, you’ll probably sell out. You may feel your audience will pay £5 for the show.  You’ll know from your experience how generous your audience will be.

The good news is that even if you don’t sell out, you won’t lose money.


Your Potential Profit

You can see the money-making potential from the case studies listed here.  The show can be staged to raise funds for any organisaton or cause, but here is a hypothetical case study using a school as an example:

 You need to ensure that all children must be accompanied by an adult – it’s the adults who’ll spend the money on the night.  Of course, one adult can bring more than one child.  Fund-raising for a school PTA, and based on a school of 200 pupils, if you sell tickets at £4 to a quarter of the pupils and if there are two adults for every three children, that’s 84 ticket sales – a total of £336.  Half the tickets sales is less than £250, so you pay Magic Peter just £168.

 You’ve already made a profit of £168.

 Add to that the sale of magic wands – say, £60 – and raffle tickets – another £60, say.

Now you have made £288.

 Then there are refreshments.  You’ll know that you can put a significant mark-up on refreshments you offer at your events.  Open the doors and start selling refreshments 30 minutes before showtime and again during the interval, and you can easily make £150 from your audience.

 Making a total potential profit of £438 or more. And as you can see above, Drayton Community Primary School raised £200 more than that! Sell more tickets, you’ll raise more funds. Sell the tickets for £5 and you’ll raise even more money.

Case Study 3

Drayton Community Primary School

Approximately 200 pupils

Sum raised: £640

“Thanks Peter, you were brilliant as usual. I don’t know how you do it.”

Laura Billington

Drayton School PTA

The Venue

The size of the venue is important.

You may feel you can sell 200 tickets, but if your school hall can only seat 100 … well, that will be a problem.

But there’s no reason you can’t stage the event in another venue – in a village hall, say.  It may cost £50 to hire the hall for the evening, but if that means you’re able to seat an extra 20 people, that’s at least £30 more profit you’ll raise.

An additional 50 people would raise an additional £150 or more. Think big for bigger results.

What Magic Peter Does Before the Event

Supplies pre-printed posters so you can advertise the event in the local area

Supplies digital posters to advertise the event in the school newsletter, the school website, and on relevant local Facebook groups

Supplies digital tickets for you to print and sell

Advertises your event on Magic Peter’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website pages

What You Do Before the Event

Book Magic Peter – no deposit to pay, so no risk

Book the venue – preferably from 4.00pm to 8.00pm on a Friday evening at least one month in advance (in order to have enough time to advertise the event and sell the tickets)

Advertise the event

Sell the tickets

Buy the refreshments

What Magic Peter Does on the Night

Provides 72 free magic wands for you to sell on the night

Donates an amazing Marvin’s Magic Set to be raffled

Encourages people to buy magic wands, raffle tickets and refreshments

Performs a 45-minute family magic act

Provides a 30-minute interval for you to increase income from refreshments

Performs a second 45-minute family magic act

Finishes by thanking everyone – but especially your team

What You Do on the Night

Set up the venue (chairs and staging, if available)

Greet the audience

Sell refreshments

Sell magic wands

Sell raffle tickets

Pay Magic Peter – either half the ticket sales or £250, whichever is the LOWER figure

Put away the chairs (and staging)

Count your profits

The Next Step

So that’s the deal.

The bottom line is that you cannot lose money on this event.

You are GUARANTEED to make a profit – from the sale of tickets, from the sale of the free magic wands, from the sale of raffle tickets for free the magic set, and from the sale of refreshments.

Even selling just 50 tickets can raise £200, and you’ll all enjoy a great evening’s entertainment into the bargain.  Sell more than 50 tickets and as you can see, your profits can be much higher, and Magic Peter will do all he can to help.

If this sounds like the kind of event that you’d like to organise, or if you have any questions not answered here, please contact Magic Peter and he’ll be happy to have a chat.

Whether or not you book a Magic Peter show, good luck raising funds for your school or organisation.