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Other Covid-Secure Entertainment Options

Each year Magic Peter designs a family show specifically for events where there’ll be a wide range of ages in the audience.  Hopefully by summer 2021, restrictions will have been relaxed enough that we can again hold outdoor events such as those shown below. 

The photos on this page were taken at events held in previous years, and as you can see such events can get busy.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be organised with safety in mind.

With enough notice, Peter can usually weave a particular theme into the show if your event has one. In the past he has worked to an undersea theme, outer space, superheroes, unicorns, pets, and so on.  He will make your show special to your audience so that it adds to the overall event rather than being a standalone attraction.

Magic Peter’s Family Magic Show can last between one and three hours depending on the length of your event, and can be split into a number of performances – say, three 30-minute shows spread through the day. In between, he can make free balloon models for your visitors.

The show has plenty of interaction with the audience, much like a traditional pantomime, with the audience telling Magic Peter what goes wrong (that happens a LOT!) and then helping him sort things out by magic.  It’s like a full stage show, with music and sound effects to complement the tricks and add to the fun of the show.  (Peter brings his own power supply and sound system so that you can get on with the other attractions at your event.)

Children (and, on occasions, parents) are asked to help, and those helpers receive prizes as a momento of their time performing magic for their friends and family.

The cost will depend on the length of time you require Peter at your event, but prices start from £250.

If you’re planning an outdoor event before the end of this summer or are planning ahead for next year, when hopefully restrictions will be a distant memory, contact Magic Peter now before he’s booked for someone else’s event.