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Parties at Covid-Secure Venues

 So, what is a Covid-secure venue?

Well, it’s a venue that’s open to the public and has put in place processes to manage the social distancing and safety of the public. That might be a pub, hotel, or a community or village hall.  The management will have carried out a risk assessment of activities at the venue and will have procedures in place to safeguard the public’s health.

For a period last year Covid-secure venues were allowed to stage live entertainment for up to 30 people gathered in a socially distanced manner.  Village halls, for example, looked at the size of their rooms and calculated how many people they could accommodate within the Covid restrictions. So in this photo, taken before the pandemic, the children could only sit this close together if they were from the same household bubble.  As we come out of the latest lockdown, hopefully we’ll be able to hold parties in Covid-secure venues as before.

Magic Peter has assessed the risks of performing in the current environment and has devised an exciting, fun-packed show that the audience can join in with from a safe distance. He’s limited the show to one hour because asking young children to sit still – and socially distanced – for longer than that really isn’t fair on the children.

He will remain at least two metres from the audience, which means sadly the children won’t be able to come up and perform the magic ‘on-stage’ like they used to, but it’s still the children who do the magic. They still need to say the magic words and wave their magic wands, and Magic Peter will give free santised magic wands to all the children at the start of the show so that they can make the magic work from their place in the audience.

He has reduced the usual cost of his show to reflect the fact that children aren’t allowed to interact on stage like they used to. His 45-minute Socially Distanced Indoor Show costs just £125, which includes sanitised magic wands for all the children, as well as a sanitised birthday card and special prize for the birthday child.

Nobody knows how long these extraordinary times will last, but if you book your party now you can postpone and rearrange it as many times as necessary at no cost. You just want to hold a great party and celebrate with your family, and Magic Peter just wants to get back to making children laugh again.

So if the government restrictions on live entertainment or social gatherings change between making your booking and the day of the party, you can change the date of your booking, once, twice or more, and Magic Peter will work with you to make sure you can still have a fantastic celebration. GUARANTEED.

Reserve you preferred date now, and Magic Peter will call you for a chat about how you can put on the best birthday party your child goes to this year.