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Peace of Mind

When you book Magic Peter, you’ll get great entertainment, but you’ll also get peace of mind, something it’s difficult to put a price on.

Peter has been performing and entertaining audiences for more than 30 years.  During that time, he’s also held senior management positions in customer services and project management, so he knows that it’s important to say what you’ll do … and to do what you say.  Now a full-time entertainer, Peter brings all that experience to your booking and to your event.

You can be assured that Magic Peter works to the highest professional standards.  For example, all his electrical equipment is tested to ensure your safety and the safety of your guests – and his own safety, too!

Magic Peter is a member of Equity, the trade association for actors and performers.  As such, his performances come with £10 million of public liability insurance, meaning that even in the most unlikely eventualities, your guests are covered financially.  To guard against such unlikely events, Magic Peter can provide you with written risk assessments and method statements showing that he has considered the risks associated with his work and follows methods to guard against and minimise those risks. It is something that all professionals in all lines of work should undertake to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them, even children’s entertainers.

Magic Peter holds an enhanced DBS certificate.  Although you’ll only need this if you are booking Magic Peter for a series of performances where he will regularly be left unsupervised with children, it does give you the peace of mind that Peter has been checked against the standards required for people who do regularly come into contact with children.

If you still have any concerns about booking Magic Peter, he is happy to talk. He has a daughter of his own, so understands your concerns, and wants to be sure you have peace of mind before committing to employing him.

And whatever he says he’ll do … he’ll do what he says.