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Special Entertainment for Special Occasions

You’re organising an event.  It could be a family celebration – a birthday, a wedding, a christening. Perhaps it’s for a school – an end-of-term celebration, an after-school club, a school fete, or a PTA fundraiser.  Or is it a corporate event – a family picnic, maybe?

No matter what celebration you’re organising, you want it to be a success.  More than that, you want it to be special, memorable.  And with everything else you need to organise around the event, you don’t want the stress of keeping everyone happy and entertained.  That’s why you need a professional.

Magic Peter has a stress-free, fun-packed interactive show for every occasion, from the smallest birthday party to the largest company family event.

Birthday Magic

Your son or daughter will go to a lot of parties, so how will you make their own birthday party the best party they go to this year? Every Magic Peter party is designed specifically for your son or daughter.

The Magic of Christmas 2022

Magic Peter devises a brand new Christmas show every year because EVERYONE loves a Christmas party.  What are you doing to put the magic into your Christmas celebrations this year? Reserve your date now to be sure of some great entertainment.

Putting the FUN into Fundraising

2020 and 2021 were tough years for fundraisers, so now that larger gatherings are possible once again, it’s time to book a date for Magic Peter’s No-risk  FUNdraising Family Magic Show, the magical way to raise £££s for your school or organisation.

Magic in Schools

Use the left and right arrows to see the various fun-packed shows Magic Peter has developed for nurseries and preschools, primary schools, including:

Magic and balloon workshops

After-school clubs

Christmas and end-of-term parties

And, of course, PTA fundraising events.

Magic in Nurseries and Preschools

Younger children are easy to entertain, right? If you work in a nursery or pre-school, you’ll know that’s not true, but with their insatiable curiosity and boundless energy, younger children can be the most rewarding audience.

Magic at School Events - KS1 and KS2

Magic Peter peforms more for this age group than any other.  As well as his fundraising shows and workshops, he is often booked to put on a show as a reward for the children or to celebrate something – at Christmas or at the end of the school year.

Magic Workshops and After-School Clubs

Peter has developed magic and balloon modelling workshops which can be run in the classroom as part of the school’s arts curriculum or as an after-school club as an extra-curricular activitiy.

No-Risk FUNdraisers for PTAs

Would you be interested in a NO-RISK fundraiser GUARANTEED to raise funds for your school? Would you be interested if it came with free merchandise for sale on the night, a free raffle prize and free publicity material?  You CANNOT lose and everyone wins.

Fantastic Family Shows for Fetes and Festivals

Outdoor events needn’t lack that special magic, and if it’s a fundraising event it’s important to keep families there rather than have them wander off halfway through the event.

Entertaining the Kids at Weddings and Family Events

Having a bunch of bored, often noisy children can sometimes take the shine off an otherwise perfect wedding day, so what can you do to keep these children as involved and happy as the grown-ups?

And Much More Besides

Every Magic Peter performance is designed with your event and your audience in mind, which may be very different to everyone else’s.  It might even be held on a moving double-decker bus!  Whatever your event, if it’s aimed at families, Peter will add a bit of magic and a lot of fun.