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Younger children are easy to entertain, right?

If you work in a nursery or pre-school, you’ll know that’s not true. With shorter attention spans, insatiable curiosity and boundless energy, younger children can be the most challenging audience – and the most rewarding.

Each year Magic Peter designs brand new shows especially for nurseries and pre-schools. Each show lasts just 45 minutes, so even the youngest children will be fully engaged and totally entertained.

The shows involve lots of movement and colour using familiar items such as nursery rhymes and cartoon characters.

They’re interactive shows, with the all children helping to make the magic work, and a number of children are asked for their particular help.

We booked Magic Peter for a Pre-school Graduation and he did not disappoint! Peter was fantastic at communicating to us before the booking and was very professional. The children loved the show and all children got a gift. Really good value for money and great entertainment. I would highly recommend.

Emma Wallbridge

Julia Durbin Nursery, Oxford, July 2022

Finally, one child has the chance to win small prizes for everyone in the audience, and (spoiler alert) it’s fixed so that the child always wins!

Magic Peter hands all the prizes to the staff to give to the children when they leave at the end of the day.

Magic Peter’s Pre-school Show is available during school hours on most term-time weekdays.  Christmas is always very popular, as are summer fetes, but this sort of show is available at any time of year for any type of celebration.  The show costs £185, which includes all the prizes ‘won’ by the children.

To reserve a date for your celebration, contact Magic Peter today – but please be flexible on the date and time, as not everyone can have their magic show on the last day of term.