Socially Distanced Garden Parties

 Parties at home have always been an option, but the Covid pandemic has meant that, for now, this is the only option available for live entertainment at a children’s birthday party.

From 29 March, government restrictions mean that for a performance in your garden the audience must be a maximum of five people including yourselves. The addition of the entertainer makes a total of six, the limit under the government’s Rule of Six for social gatherings.  You’ll be allowed a larger number – up to 15 people) from 12 April and a maximum of 30 people from 17 May.  At present, it seems that social distancing will remain a requirement.

Magic Peter’s primary concern will always be for the health and happiness of the audience. So he assessed the risks of performing in the current environment and devised an exciting, fun-packed show that the audience can join in with from a safe distance.

Magic Peter will remain at least two metres from the audience, and audience members must stay two metres apart from others from a different household.

Sadly the children won’t be able to come up and perform the magic ‘on-stage’ like they used to, but it’s still the children who do the magic. They still need to say the magic words and wave their magic wands, and Magic Peter will give free santised magic wands to all the children at the start of the show so that they can make the magic work from their place in the audience.

He has reduced the usual cost of his show to reflect the fact that children aren’t allowed to interact on stage like they used to. His 45-minute Socially Distanced Garden Party costs just £125, which includes sanitised magic wands for all the children, as well as a sanitised birthday card and special prize for the birthday child.

Nobody can be sure that the relaxation of restrictions will go ahead as planned on the dates set out by the givernment, but if you book your party now you can postpone and rearrange it as many times as necessary at no cost.  So if the weather makes an outdoor party impossible and you need to change the date of your booking, once, twice or more, you can, and Magic Peter will work with you to make sure you can still have a fantastic celebration. GUARANTEED.

Reserve you preferred date now, and Magic Peter will call you for a chat about how you can put on the best birthday party your child goes to this year.