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Socially Distanced Garden Parties

¬†Parties at home have always been an option, but the Covid pandemic meant that, for a while, this was the only option available for live entertainment at a children’s birthday party.

Until Covid is well and truly behind us, Magic Peter will continue to offer socially distanced garden parties so you can still have a safe, fun-packed celebration.

Magic Peter will remain at least two metres from the audience.¬† Children won’t be invited up and to perform the magic ‘on-stage’, but it’s still the children who do the magic. They still need to say the magic words and wave their magic wands, and Magic Peter will give free magic wands to all the children at the start of the show so that they can make the magic work from their place in the audience.

To reflect the fact that children won’t interact on stage, his 45-minute Socially Distanced Garden Party costs just ¬£150, which includes sanitised magic wands for all the children, as well as a sanitised birthday card and special prize for the birthday child.

Reserve you preferred date now, and Magic Peter will call you for a chat about how you can put on the best birthday party your child goes to this year.