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The Svengali Deck

Welcome to the amazing Svengali Deck. With this deck of magic cards and a little practice you’ll be able to perform AMAZING miracles for your friends and family. If you don’t have a Svengali Deck of your own, you can buy one from me at a discounted price, and I’ve written a special set of instructions that are much easier to read and much easier to understand than the instructions that come with the props.  Just drop me an email.

Watch each video in turn. Learn about the Svengali Deck, how it works, how to use it, and then learn the five amazing tricks taught here.  And then practise, practise, practise. And when you have finished practising … practise some more so that each time you perform the tricks you can do it without making any mistakes.

Keep the secret of the Svengali Deck. If you tell people the secrets of your magic, they won’t feel entertained by your performances, they’ll feel tricked and won’t want to watch you perform any more.

Good luck!