“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for going with the flow. The children all loved you, and the feedback I had was that none of the children actually wanted to leave the wedding. I think the adults enjoyed your balloons as much as the children. It all worked out so well.  Thank you, and we look forward to using you again. You’re a star!”  

Danielle Harris, Bicester

Weddings are, naturally, all about the bride and groom, but very often there are younger people at the reception who are less interested in what’s going on.  From a child’s point of view, there are a periods in a wedding day when nothing very exciting seems to be happening. The marriage ceremony itself is something many children haven’t seen before, so it’s new and interesting.  But what usually happens next? The photographer will be asking for the bride and groom, the bride on her own, the groom and his best man, then the parents, brothers and sisters, the bridesmaids … and so on, leaving many children at a loose end.

Usually there is some form of meal, and hopefully the children have been catered for – literally! But then come the speeches. How many four- or five-year-olds want to listen to three or four grown-ups going on and on about stuff they don’t understand? And often there is a break between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception, when even more young children may arrive to join those already at the party.

A long wedding day can be quite a test for some children. Having a bunch of bored, often noisy children can sometimes take the shine off an otherwise perfect wedding day, but what can be done to keep these children as involved and happy as the grown-ups?  Look no further, because each of these periods in the day can be made just as much fun for the children as the adults.

Please note that where the children are entertained away from the main reception, a responsible adult will need to remain with the children ensure that the children’s needs can be catered for – toilet breaks, taking messages, etc. This adult can be one of the guests, or more often a member of the venue staff is assigned to this role.

Wedding Package 1 – £195

A fun-filled, forty-five-minute magic show that is great fun for children of all  ages. Peter ensures each show has a mixture of tricks for both younger and older children, and includes lots of participation from the children, as well as volunteers helping with the tricks. This is perfect entertainment for the children when all those ‘boring’ speeches are taking place, but does require a separate room so that the fun and games of the magic show don’t interrupt the speeches … and vice versa!   If you have set a date, complete the enquiry form now to check on Magic Peter’s availability.

Wedding Package 2 – £245

Package 2 adds more fun and games to the magic. After forty-five minutes of mystery and mirth at the magic show, Magic Peter then organises a further hour of party games suitable for all ages, bridging the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening reception. All are non-elimination games, meaning that children aren’t ‘knocked out’ and left standing at the sides until a winner is chosen; they are all involved all of the time.  As with Package 1, this package should be arranged for a separate room so as not to interfere with the main event of the wedding reception.

If you have set the date, simply complete the enquiry form now and details of the children’s entertainment can be firmed up once the date has been agreed and booked.

Wedding Package 3 – £300

Package 3 continues as the evening reception starts. After the magic show and games, Peter circulates the main reception making balloon models for the children as souvenirs of the occasion.  He can do this for as long as you like, but usually an hour is enough to cover the whole room.

There usually isn’t time to make models as complex as Polly (pictured on the right), but Peter has a large portfolio of models suitable for boys and girls, young and old. He’ll even make more sophisticated models for the grown-ups if asked, and usually makes something special for the bride and groom – all part of the service.

As soon as you have set the date, complete the enquiry form and Magic Peter will call you to discuss how he can make it a great day for even the youngest guests.

Other Wedding Packages

These are three of the most popular packages Magic Peter offers, but just like every other aspect of a wedding day, the children’s entertainment can be as unique or different as the bride and groom care to make it.  For instance, Peter is happy to stroll amongst the guests making balloon models or performing informal magic for the children while the photographs are being taken. Or, at smaller weddings, he can provide a quiet, intimate magic show for a small number of children in one corner of the main hall.  You may prefer to let Peter use his experience and skills where and when they are most appropriate by hiring him for a fixed length of time but with no brief.

Children’s entertainment at a wedding really is up to you, and almost anything is possible, dependent on the budget available and the venue for the reception.  If you a date set, complete the enquiry form now and details can be firmed up once the date is booked.